Chinchana Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd is a company in Chinchana Group. Chinchana Industries (Thailand) was founded in 2000 to produce and distribute calcium carbonate and barium sulphate products for various industries. For example, paint and coatings industry, rubber industry, plastics industry, and oil well drilling industry. We distribute the products to both domestic and international customers. Our quality standard is certified by ISO9001:2015, which makes our products widely accepted by domestic and international customers.

       Throughout these years, Chinchana Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been involved in improving the quality of life of people in the local community. The company received CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) certification from CSR-DPIM, which is standard for corporate social responsibility in Thailand mining industry. Chinchana Industries (Thailand) support income distribution among locals as well as organizes social activities that protect the environment and promote Thai culture. In addition, the company also supports education and sports. These activities are to give back to the local community and thank them for their support on the company’s products.

In 2000,the company was founded at 322/32 Chinchana Building 4th floor Asoke Dindaeng, Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400.             

In 2005, the company received ISO 9001 from TUVNORD.             

In 2007, manufacturing expansion. The 2nd factory was built.             

In 2009, the head office moved to 1201/2 Chinchana Building 3rd floor Ramkumhaeng Road Huamark Bangkapi Bangkok 10240 to prepare for company expansion             

In 2012,the company received CSR award from CSR-DPIM 

We will be come the leader in calcium industry that concerns about our employees,society and the environment.

To successfully follow our high quality policy, we will do as follow    

1. increase production capacity and market share to become the leader in Thailand             

2. maintain the quality standard to meet customer’s expectation             

3. enhance the ability, ethics, and morality of employees             

4. maintain safety and reduce pollution             

5. connect with the local community             

6. make the organization a center of education for the community and the society       

We aim to keep improving the quality of our product to meet customers’ standard. 

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