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Chinchana China Clay Co.,Ltd. owns a mining area of over 400 Rai (0.64 Square Kilometer) in Ranong Province, which is known for its high quality minerals. Together with several years of experience and know-how in the mining industry, we produce kaolin that is of high quality and consistency. We focus on modern mining processes and machine designs in order to produce kaolin that can be used in domestic productions as well as international exports.                                


Kaolin is a type of clay minerals that is usually white. The main component of kaolin is kaolinite.                             


Application in Various Industries, such as:                   

  • Ceramics Industry (Such as: Sanitary ware, Table ware)

  • Porcelain

  • Insulator

  • Paper Industry

  • Paint and Coatings Industry

  • Rubber Industry

  • Agriculture (Soil and water treatment)


Our Product                   

  • Kaolin clay with particle size finer than 325 Mesh



  • 1000 kgs in PP jumbo bag


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